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Are you looking for a family Homeopath who takes time to truly get to know you and your children and offers free telephone consultations between appointments?

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy provides a true alternative approach to conventional medicine. It is natural, non invasive and therapeutic. As a classical homeopath, I work on the principle that like cures like and adhere to the power of the minimum dose.

Excellent at relieving both acute long standing chronic problems alike, it is also safe to use during pregnancy and labour. And children often respond beautifully to it.

What's it like to have a Homeopath consultation?

The effectiveness of homeopathy relies on a detailed and accurate case history. Over the course of 90 minutes we discuss you as a whole as well as your symptoms. After the consultation, I work on your case and then choose your remedy.

Would you like to book a Homeopath consultation and remedy?

Please contact me via rachael.posener@gmail.com or call 07939 135 481 during normal working hours.

Please also feel free to visit my Halcyon Health Facebook Group

Rachael Posener 
Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner
Membership Number: 1603015
Rachael Posener MAR
Registered & Full Member of 
The Association of Reflexologists

My treatment room is in St Albans, Herts and I regulary provide Home Visits in Herts & North West London, including Bushey, Radlett, Mill Hill, Finchley, Hampstead and Highgate.