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'my treatments with Rachael are totally relaxing and great me time. She has opened my mind to new ideas, extremely positive thinking and was a fantastic support to me'

Peri Menopause Support

"I have been seeing Rachael for 5 years and reflexology has become a non-negotiable part of my self care. Rachael and her intuitive reflexology have been a lifeline during perimenopause. Every visit is different but Rachael addresses my body's needs every time without me even having to explain the latest symptoms I'm experiencing. I always leave feeling restored and balanced."
Ancestral Healing

"I had three ancestral healing sessions with Rachael and each of them were amazing.

Rachel has an incredible talent and I found all three sessions really interesting and helpful. I felt lighter after each one, especially after releasing a negative energy source that seemed stuck on to me. I even moved forward in my career- suddenly I felt able to make positive and real changes in my life. The insights Rachael had all felt so real, relevant and beneficial to me in my life. I highly recommend her for her healing practice."
Fertility, Pregnancy and Peri Menopause Support

"I have been seeing Rachael for over 10 years now and I couldn’t have got through my pregnancy and postnatal period without Rachael by my side guiding me through a very traumatic time. Her knowledge, expertise and skill is second to none and I highly recommend anyone looking for Reflexology to chat to Rachael. I now continue to see her to help ease and alleviate peri-menopause symptoms and she is helping me to understand my body and balance my hormones as I begin this next chapter!

Rachael is incredibly kind and patient and works with me and my needs during these different phases, and I recommend her to all of my friends as she has helped me so much over the years and continues to do so."
Peri Menopausal Support and Lymphodema

"I am a peri-menopausal lady with three busy children, and I also suffer with lymphedema.

I went to see Rachael to help rebalance my hormones, and to re-energise my body. It turned out to be more than that. Rachael has really helped with my hormones, but also with my lymphatic drainage. What a pleasant surprise that turned out to be!

After my first appointment I slept like a baby. I felt like a new lady! I see Rachael frequently, not just for lymphatic treatment, but also for rebalancing and relaxation. Rachael is so professional, and understands my system so intuitively, that I leave her to make the decisions of what I need each time.

It has worked so well for me that I took my teenage son to help him relax, de-stress, rebalance and re-energise him before his mock exams. He too, slept like a babe and was like a new person after his treatment. He has asked if I can make another appointment for him before his GCSEs, and the other two are very interested in having a treatment as well!"
Ancestral Healing

"Ancestral healing with Rachel blows me away every time. Rachel has such a calming and nurturing energy about her. I always feel totally safe and free to talk about my experience and visions during a session and I enjoy comparing what I experience to what Rachel insightfully sees. I always leave feeling lifted, awakened and clearer in my self as to my life experiences and how they have affected me.

Sometimes emotions rise after a session but in a positive way, like a shedding of emotions that I may have been carrying for some time. I am so thankful for all she has done for me in my healing journey. She really is so gifted. I can’t recommend Rachel enough, after every session I look forward to the next!"
Peri Menopause Support

"Rachael's specially tailored treatment has been a lifeline for me in the last 4 years, supporting me first with the symptoms of my peri menopause and now as I enter my menopausal years.

Rachael is deeply wise, kind and draws on many resources and her extensive knowledge of women's health and needs, tending to every part of the journey, addressing the whole, the physical, mental and emotional parts that need support.

However difficult my week has been, or however fragile, tired, in pain or stressed I feel, I know when I leave Rachael's session, I will feel resourced, deeply cared for, with my body and mind tended to, feeling less in pain, more calm and with spaciousness and clarity, that then is carried further into many days after the session."
Ancestral Healing

"I had been seeing Rachael for many years for fertility reflexology and was really intrigued and excited when she said she would be offering ancestral healing too.

I had two sessions with her - each revealing stories from my ancestral line that really made sense in terms of the struggles I had been facing in my life up to that point in time.

Rachael would reveal what came up and would then gently work on releasing those things that were holding me back and possibly preventing me from realising my true potential and achieving my desires and dreams in my current life.

I left each session feeling inspired and calm - and whilst difficult to quantify, I truly believe she released long held blockages that have since truly changed my life path for the better.

Rachael has a wonderful energy and a true gift!"
"I look forward to my treatments with Rachael like a beacon of light in a dark week — not only do I feel a million miles better afterwards as she is amazing at what she does, but time spent in her company is incredibly nourishing on many levels.

Rachael is kind, knowledgeable, compassionate and clever; I learn so much from her and am lucky to have found her." (November 2022)
"Rachael has been my reflexologist for over 5 years now, treating me initially for infertility and now during pregnancy. In these strange times of ‘self-isolation’ where we can’t come into contact with each other, Rachael has expertly been supporting me with ‘listening’ appointments. These regular video calls are a lifeline for me!

We talk through how I’m feeling each week and Rachael uses a variety of techniques to coach me through any issues. She has shown me key reflexology points on my feet in order to self-massage for my pregnancy symptoms. She has shown me breathing and releasing exercises to practise at home.

I feel so well supported by Rachael at this unusual time of disconnect. In a world where everything feels topsy turvy, I know I can rely on Rachael to listen, empathise and empower me to make it through. I highly recommend Rachael’s listening calls to anyone who wants to ease their mind of anxiety.

Thanks again for everything!" (October 2022)
"Rachael started supporting me during our fertility journey. We’d already been through years of multiples miscarriages and rounds of fertility treatment before I’d met her. I’m very sure something changed for the better when I had her support. We now have a 6 week old boy, and I’ll always be so thankful to Rachael for helping us get here.

Rachael’s reflexology, combined with her knowledge and her support with emotional and physical health were beyond incredible, and helped me during some very tough times. She’s one of those people that is born to heal and nurture, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachael to anyone going through a similar journey. Thanks Rachael for the incredible work you do." (February 2022)
"From my very first appointment with Rachael I knew how important my sessions with her would be on my infertility journey. I have never felt so heard, understood and supported. Rachael’s intuition and advice completely aligned with what I was experiencing and she was able to help me work on aspects of my mental and physical health that I never thought I would overcome. I felt completely safe and free of any judgement with her and could explore feelings that were often painful with her full support.

Her reflexology treatment itself was fantastic and went so much deeper than I expected. Not to mention she is a lovely woman who was a pleasure to get to know during our sessions. Eventually I was then able to go on to have the child I always dreamt of and Rachael played such a crucial role in this that I am not sure it would have happened without her.

I will be forever grateful to her for what she did for us and truly feel that she was like a guardian angel during this time. Thank you Rachael from the bottom of my heart." (LW December 2020)
"Having struggled with embarrassing heavy periods for the past 20 years, Rachael's reflexology treatments helped not only with improvements in my cycle and menstruation/hormone issues but allowed me to talk about something which was taking over my life every month.

Rachael's techniques helped me take back control of my body so as well as seeing improvements in my cycle I also began to feel better in myself and feel more positive about managing my periods.

I highly recommend Rachael to anyone suffering with heavy periods, I had never had reflexology before and am so glad Rachael was able to help me." Jodie (September 2017)
"I first encountered Rachael in mid 2014 after she came highly recommended by a Mums FB group I was in. I had already suffered several miscarriages and was so low when met Rachael. My story is a happy one because after 7 miscarriages I went on to have a beautiful baby girl who has just turned one. I always tell Rachael that she has a share in my child for everything she did for me. Our sessions went so much deeper than just reflexology. It was almost like counselling for me. She is such a beautiful soul and has a magical way with words.

My sessions with Rachael throughout my last pregnancy got me through it all. I couldn't have done it without her and she knows that. If you are thinking of Reflexology, then THIS is your lady. Contact her ASAP as I waited a while for my first appt. She is very highly sought after for a very good reason. Thank you so much Rachael. x" (March 2017)
"When I went to see Rachael I'd had a few failed ivf treatments and was due to start my first donor egg cycle. Her gentle approach (in her treatment and her manner) was exactly what I needed. She's a very experienced and knowledgeable reflexologist but also instinctively knows when to talk and when to give space, when to advise and when to listen.

Rachael worked her magic in helping to get my body and mind balanced and I have no doubt she was a big factor in the success of my second donor egg cycle. Rachael is warm, genuine and down to earth. She's one of life's gems and I can't recommend her highly enough." (March 2017)
"I can 100% recommend Rachael to anyone having difficulty with periods/trying to conceive.

Unfortunately I was recommended by a nurse to use the Depo Provera injection as a trusted contraception that is suitable using until trying to conceive when the time is right. I was on it for a year and when my partner and I decided to try for a baby, it was too late to reverse the damage and I found out it was an extremely unpredictable contraception and it completely stopped my periods and turned my uterus into an 'ice rink' which meant it was unable to sustain a period let alone nurture a fertilised egg. After numerous appointments and 5 months of trying, I was told there was nothing I could do but simply wait for my period to return and it could take 12-18 months or more after the last injection wore off (it's only meant to last for 3 months apparently).

I was recommended by a friend to contact Rachael and it was the best thing I did. She has been such a great support and offers so much more than just reflexology. We did EFT therapy and she gave me some homeopathic remedies and those combined with the reflexology got my period back within 3 months!! I cannot believe how quickly it came back and I've already had my second one. Basically without her help I very much doubt it would have returned and I am now at the beginning of my journey to conceive. I'm pretty gutted I don't really need to attend many more appointments to be honest as I really enjoy each session.

Rachael genuinely cares about you and that means a lot, thank you for everything!" (March 2017)
"I had my baby last night! I'm relieved and glad I accepted what was happening as all my fears were gone when I went to hospital after seeing you. I responded really well to the pessary and managed to give birth naturally without anything, just as I wanted.

(Seeing you) made a huge difference to how everything turned out and I feel incredibly lucky to have got to meet you. I had a better attitude for a much better experience and I don't have any regrets at all which is all thanks to you." Linda, St Albans (January 2017)
"I really appreciate the time you spent with me, it really made a difference to me. I'll certainly be recommending you. I just think you have such a lovely and nurturing approach which is exactly what I needed." Kira, St Albans (September 2016) ** Went into labour within 24 hours of treatment **
"We had been trying to conceive for about 18 months when I first started seeing Rachael and were about to embark on fertility treatment. I'd heard reflexology could balance hormones and reduce stress and anxiety. I loved our sessions so much that I continued to see Rachael through what turned out to be a very long road to parenthood - another 3 years and 3 IVF cycles later we finally conceived our miracle baby in Sep 2014. He's now a happy, healthy 9 month old and I still pinch myself every day!

Rachel's brilliant support and friendship was invaluable to me throughout this difficult period in my life. I felt incredibly comfortable with her from our first session and would always leave feeling calmer and more energised. After our failed cycles, the sessions helped me to find the strength to explore different options and ultimately to try again.

I continued to see Rachael throughout my pregnancy and during the post-natal period and found the reflexology amazing at helping me to relax and feel less anxious.

Thanks Rachael - I couldn't have got there without you!" Lucy, St Albans (March 2016)
"We had been trying for our second baby for nearly 4 years, suffering with PCOS and no periods! A friend recommended Rachael and reflexology, so I thought why not give it a try before I seek IVF. Well, amazingly after 6 treatments I became pregnant and have now had a baby boy. Rachel was very professional, kind and caring and made me feel very comfortable. Would highly recommend Rachael to anyone! Thank you again" Louise, St Albans (February 2016)
"Had reflexology with Rachael at 5pm, by 11pm I was in labour. She has magic hands!" Natasha, WD6 (September 2015)
Morning Sickness "I found Rachael online because I was suffering with such bad sickness (every minute of every day - not just in the mornings!) in the early stages of my pregnancy. After my second session I really started to feel the benefits of the treatment.

Before I saw her I was struggling to get through the day and function normally. After session two I noticed a huge improvement- and although I still had the usual pregnancy fatigue, I wasn't feeling nauseous all the time.

I would highly recommend Rachael to anyone suffering in the same way I did. She put me at ease straight away and has been a great support." Laura, AL10 (May 2015)
"I first started seeing Rachael in mid - 2013 when my husband and I were trying to conceive. I also had irregular periods after stopping the pill and needed some help to get my menstrual cycle back on track.

Rachael could not have been more supportive and helpful from day one - the sessions are such a haven of peace and Rachael provides a safe space where you can comfortably talk through any issues or concerns regarding fertility, conception and/or pregnancy (or anything else that may be playing on your mind!). I felt like a weight had been lifted after every session and noticed the physical and mental benefits of the reflexology immediately. Rachael's advice on preparation for conception was invaluable and by making a few changes to diet and exercise, I improved my overall health significantly.

After two months of four-weekly sessions, my regular menstrual cycles returned and we conceived in March 2014. I saw Rachael every 4 weeks during my pregnancy which really helped me de-stress especially as I worked full time up until 38 weeks. The reflexology helped with all of those pregnancy niggles including back pain, lack of sleep, swollen hands/feet. I had a trouble-free 40 weeks and I'm sure that a lot of that was due to my regular reflexology sessions with Rachael. I saw Rachael every two weeks from 36 weeks and she helped me prepare my body and mind for the birth. Our beautiful little girl, Isobel, was born in December after a four hour labour.

I can't recommend Rachael highly enough - she is a brilliant reflexologist and such an unbelievable support. Thank you so much!" Alex, AL1 (March 15)
"I just wanted to say thanks for all your amazing work and for being so lovely and supportive throughout the (pregnancy) treatments. I thoroughly enjoyed every session.

I will in time come back if you have room for me. I literally recommend you to everyone!" Jemma, London NW6 (March 2015)
"I started seeing Rachael when I was planning my wedding and knew that I would want to start trying for a family shortly afterwards.

I remember going to see her for the first time – I was a ball of stress with a million wedding decisions going round my head and I walked out feeling as light and relaxed as I had ever been – there was no turning back.

The support and reassurance I got from Rachael when we were trying for a baby was absolutely priceless and I am in no doubt that she helped me both physically and mentally to get pregnant as quickly as I did.

The sessions are so relaxing, you feel like you can discuss anything and everything and Rachael will always have something helpful to say or you can just relax into your own little world, whatever is the best thing for you at that time.

I have recommended Rachael to so many of my friends and many of them have started seeing her – I cannot recommend Rachael enough!

Thank you so much for all you have done and I look forward to seeing you again soon!" Laura, London NW6 (March 2015)
"I first came to see Rachael following the recommendation from a friend who had just got pregnant following IVF. I was myself embarking on the IVF journey and felt anything that could help prepare my body would be beneficial.

I felt immediately at ease with Rachael, she's really lovely and approachable. The sessions were wonderfully relaxing, and Rachael's knowledge about fertility treatments and conception were really helpful.

A few months later I got pregnant with our lovely daughter, and I am convinced my sessions with Rachael played a part in achieving this miracle.

I then carried on seeing Rachael throughout pregnancy, she helped ease my water retention issue and keep my energy levels up. When my baby was overdue i also went to see her, and labour started the following day!

I can't recommend Rachael highly enough, she's a wonderful practitioner and now also a friend." (February 2015)
"I cannot thank Rachael enough for her support and the amazing reflexology sessions that I received.

My husband and I were trying to conceive for about 5 years & I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I had various tests done. My fertility doctor said the only way is IVF. We couldn't afford it so i started looking at alternative and natural ways of getting pregnant. And happy to say I found Rachael's website. I read the testimonials and that helped me choose reflexology with Rachael.

I had two wonderful sessions. After each session I felt so calm and peaceful and was looking forward to my third one when I found out I was pregnant just before Xmas.

I always mention Rachael when I tell my story of the long journey to conceive our baby. I believe reflexology coupled with Rachael's support and kind words helped us. I am so happy I found this website. I am now 11 weeks pregnant." Mariya, AL1 (January 2015)
"It was suggested that I start reflexology in order to help me get pregnant and sustain a pregnancy to full term. I spoke to Rachael as she specialised is fertility and after speaking to her on the phone I knew she was the person for me.

Rachael, is very professional, knowledgeable and extremely kind and throughout all of my treatments she helped me to relax and move forward. I am happy to say I have a beautiful baby girl and I couldn't have got through my pregnancy without Rachael there to treat me, guide me and provide a much needed relaxation session each time.

I have continued seeing her post pregnancy as the benefits I get from reflexology and seeing Rachael are amazing. I am constantly telling my friends about her and encouraging them to try reflexology, I would be delighted to recommend Rachael to anyone." Sarah, St Albans (July 2014)
"I first visited Rachael after finding her website as we were having trouble conceiving and I had a history of anxiety so I hoped reflexology could help all areas.

I have been seeing Rachael for nearly a year and a half and she has seen me through our first successful ivf treatment and I am expecting my baby any day now! Rachael has kept me focused throughout my treatment and pregnancy and has helped me remain calm and most of all positive.

Rachael is a friend and confidant and I could not have done any of this without her continued support." (March 2014)
"The reflexology treatments from Rachael were marvelous! I first sought her out as I'd heard reflexology can help with conception, which I thought might be difficult for me - within about two months of finishing the course of treatment I was pregnant and I believe that the reflexology played a role there. I then saw Rachael again towards the end of my pregnancy to help prepare for birth, which happened right on time, very quickly and without any complications. Again I definitely think the reflexology helped.

The treatments were wonderful, and really, really relaxing - I would recommend them on that basis alone. But what particularly helped was the support Rachael gave for both conception and birth preparation, which was especially important for me as our families live elsewhere. She gave me lots of advice that really helped me mentally prepare for the birth and then get through it. I actually found Rachael more helpful than the antenatal classes I'd attended. If I have a second child, I will definitely seek Rachael out again as it was such a lovely experience the first time around and I really think it made such a difference.

Thanks again for everything, I can't tell you how much you helped!" (December 2013)
"As soon as one of my sessions with Rachael finished i couldn't wait for the next, she works magic!

I have never let anyone touch my feet as I am so ticklish, but the treatment is anything but, so relaxing and amazing what an influence it can have on your body and insides.

I was introduced to Rachael when we started having IVF again for our second child, i truly believe my visits were instrumental in us being now pregnant with twins, for which i am am eternally grateful.

I cant recommend her high enough, in fact 2 of my friends have already started seeing her." (June 2013)
"Thank you so much for the immense impact you had on my labour and birth experience. The calm, sensible and grounding advice you gave in the run up was invaluable. I felt far more empowered to deal with the labour which turned out to be far more manageable than I could have imagined. Reflexology ensured my body was in tip top condition and relaxation techniques helped me deal practically with the contractions. I can't recommend your services highly enough." (June 2013)
"After 2 years of trying to conceive our third child, and a missed miscarriage in the middle, I was referred by a friend to go see Rachael. To be honest, I was sceptical at first, but decided to give it a try.

From the moment I met Rachael and sat in her amazing chair, I realised what a special person she is and what a magical space she has created. The sessions I had with Rachael totally relaxed me, especially after a busy day of work and dealing with my two young boys. The hour I spent in her chair was the best part of my week. It relaxed my mind and body.

After 3 sessions, I found out I was pregnant. When all else had failed, the reflexology seemed to do the trick! I will never know if I would have fallen pregnant anyway, but I definitely feel that Rachael put my mind and body into a place that made it more receptive to happening, and her magic hands played a huge role in helping me.

I can't thank you enough for the calming conversation and magical space you gave me. I will certainly continue to see you during the months ahead." (May 2013)
"I saw Rachael for the first time to combat wedding stress. Rachael's healing hands were a gift from a mutual friend of ours. Since the first visit I was hooked. There was something extraordinarily different about this treatment and so I continued seeing Rachael after my wedding for pamper and relaxation sessions.

My husband and I started trying for a baby six months after the wedding and I fell pregnant immediately despite having PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I was, of course, delighted and thank Rachael for talking me through my pregnancy fears and anxieties and giving me top advice about fertility and conception. Talking fertility through with her was eye opening, she knows everything there is to know and her advice works.

I have since sworn by reflexology to aid conception as it really does get things working and energy flowing! I always feel great after our sessions and treasure the me time." Joanie London NW7 (April 2013)
"Seeing Rachael was the highlight of my week when we were undergoing PGD (pre genetic diagnosis - we had no fertility issues but underwent a treatment similar to IVF as I have a genetic disorder which we didn't want to pass on to our child. This meant that our embryos could all be screened and genetically tested to ensure that this faulty gene was not inherited by the child.) . During reflexology, she would go through all my worries and fears with me, and just talk to me about my life (which was pretty stressful at the time) - it was like speaking to a friend for an hour - and afterwards I always felt so much better and in a good frame of mine for the upcoming weeks.

As for the treatment itself - Rachael is fantastic at what she does - reflexology is amazing, relaxing and really got me and my body ready for treatment - in fact I am currently 16 weeks pregnant!

I can't recommend Rachael highly enough - I won't be stopping after pregnancy - I can't bare to be without her and her magic hands!" Michelle, London N12 (March 2013)
"I had a high risk pregnancy with a planned induction at 36 weeks. I was really hoping for a natural birth without any further interventions despite having to be induced. I ended up having a 2.5 hour labour, no epidural and no tearing. Rachael's calm and intuitive nature was comforting during the treatments/ sessions and with no doubt this supported me to have the natural labour I had hoped for." Zoe, London NW7 (March 2013)
"No baby yet but just wanted to say thank you for our session. It has calmed and relaxed me even more than I could have imagined. My husband thinks you are an angel!" (March 2013)
"Our beautiful baby was delivered by c-section very early on but the experience wasn't as daunting and scary as I imagined it would be. I do believe that the reflexology and your tips for relaxation did keep me calm" Louise, Herts AL7 (March 2013)
"I have some good news - we are pregnant! Thank you so much for all your help. It may well be the reflexology that made the difference!" Fiona, Herts AL3 (March 2013)
"No news here but I have slept better and had much less back pain since I saw you!" (Following week) "Good god are you Wonder Woman?? My son was born at 3.19 this morning!" (after having had reflexology previous evening) Nicky, Herts WD6 (February 2013)
"I had been experiencing problems trying to conceive for around 2.5 years when someone recommended reflexology to me. I was in the vicious circle of struggling to conceive and really disliking my job and was at a very low point in my life. I found Rachael and have been seeing her on a regular basis for around 3 months and it's the best thing I could have done!

During my first session i cried and cried and cried. Rachael was amazing and instantly put me at ease and created a safe place to open up. I have found the treatments to be relaxing and uplifting and very much look forward to each one. They have taken me from feeling like there is no hope to thinking and feeling much more positively. I have been on a journey to get control back in my life and to think positively about trying to conceive and I couldn't have done this without Rachael's help! She is amazing! I am not yet pregnant but through my sessions with Rachael she has prepared me mentally and physically to face the next journey of IVF. Rachael, thank you so much for everything!"

» Update June 2012 » "Hi Rachael, I'm pregnant! Still can't quite believe it and its taken a few days to sink in. Completely over the moon. Thank you so much for everything you have been a tremendous support on this journey! Will keep you posted and hope to be back for pregnancy sessions!"

» Update January 2013 » "(Our twins) are gorgeous, we absolutely hit the jackpot and can't believe how lucky we are. I can't thank you enough for everything you have helped us through!. It's funny as words can't really express how much you have done for us :)"
"Thanks so much again for all of your help. The reflexology in my last few weeks of pregnancy helped me both physically and emotionally. I didn't expect to have such brilliant chats throughout our reflexology sessions and you really helped me understand my fears regarding the birthing process. All of your advice and support helped me massively throughout the whole long drawn out labour process and I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends. All the best and hopefully see you for the next baby!" Emma, London NW6 (January 2013)
"Not quite the gentle birth birth I'd hoped for but all very natural. As always, thanks for the offer of advice, I'm sure there will be things I'll want to ask you about. Also thanks for all the great reflexology sessions which have really helped me over the last few weeks. I really benefited from the treatment, it thoroughly relaxed me and felt lovely. But I'm also really grateful for all the chats during sessions, you really helped me keep my head in the right space and also trust my decisions and stay confident about my forthcoming birth. I'd like to continue with occasional sessions at some point so I'll be in touch." Laura, London NW10 (January 2013)
"I just wanted to let you know that (my daughter) was born on Monday... she came out naturally, very quickly. It was an extraordinary experience which although not quite what I had planned, feel very happy and proud about! Thank you so very much for all your support and words of wisdom, they were immensely appreciated and useful." Louisa, London NW6 (January 2013)
"I have been seeing Rachael for reflexology treatments over the past year. She is highly dedicated to her profession and her friendly, calm nature coupled with a holistic approach to health stands her head and shoulders above other practitioners I have seen." (Amanda, Nutritionist, Welwyn, December 2012)
"I cannot thank or recommend Rachael highly enough for everything she has done for me. After struggling to get pregnant for a while and various issues along the way Rachael was there through everything. I am generally a worrier with a very busy head but whenever I left an appointment with Rachael I felt calm and at peace with myself. She taught me how to let go and accept that things don't always go to plan. I truly believe that the fact that I am now pregnant is all thanks to Rachael and I will definitely continue to see her through all that lies ahead." (NB, Herts AL2, August 2012)
"After I saw u wednesday morning I went into labour that evening and had the baby at quarter to three in the morning, was much quicker smoother labour than my first and I was back home by thursday evening! Thank you so much, I felt so relaxed all of wednesday after I saw you and whether it induced me or not it certainly helped me feel more calm and prepared for it all :) "   (Miriam, Edgware, July 2012)
"Hi Rachael, well what a few days, (my) baby was born (last week). She is gorgeous. Staff were great and despite it being as far removed from what I had planned as you can get it was still a positive experience and the end result is more wonderful than I could imagine! Thanks for the information you provided along with the reflexology,, it came in very valuable and helped me to stay calm throughout and allowed us to feel we were part of the process and not just passengers on a hospital merry go round." (SW, Herts WD25, June 2012)
"I came to Rachael with hope that she would be able to help me after a disappointing year of not being able to conceive. My first appointment left me feeling so calm and relaxed but also very positive that her techniques could help me. I found out I was pregnant within a month of seeing Rachael!! I wholly believe this is down to her and cannot thank her enough !" (May 2012)
"I wanted to thank you for that chat we had regarding where to give birth - I had pretty much ruled out Edgware birth centre this time around until you said about going with what you really want - that stuck in my mind & I'm so glad it did (as) I got my waterbirth!" (May 2012)
"I never really believed that someone touching your feet could do that much and initially thought reflexology was a waste of money. I was totally and utterly proved wrong. Rachael has magic hands! I really felt different after her treatments, relaxed, clear headed & felt really prepared for the birth of my son. Thanks to Rachael my birth plan went exactly to plan, a 5 hr labour in a birth pool on my birthday too! I highly recommend her to anyone interested in reflexology, or anyone who just needs to de-stress, is worried about the birth of their child for any reason at all or just needs a relaxing treatment." (JD, London, May 2012)
"Thank you Rachel for your wonderful, relaxing treatments that give great results. Without your help I doubt I would have gone into labour naturally and you saved my legs from water retention in one session! I can't recommend you enough."
"I saw Rachael regularly throughout my pregnancy. Every session was amazing, relaxing and most certainly beneficial. I suffered from heartburn and sciatica and Rachael was able to ease my symptoms. At the point I was due to give birth, I had a reflexology session and within 24 hours I was in labour. Coincidence perhaps but I believe it was down to the reflexology.

I truly believe that having regular reflexology meant a better and easier pregnancy and would highly recommend Rachael. She's wonderful!"
"You came over on the Tuesday afternoon and my waters broke that evening. The treatment obviously worked and provided some lovely relaxation in the last stages of my pregnancy. Thank you"
"As a non-spiritual person, I never really thought of reflexology as useful but merely a pleasant session of relaxation and indulgence. Rachael came to my house when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my second child and firstly talked through my experiences of child birth with my first child as well as my hopes and aspirations this time. She then showed me some hypnobirthing techniques and allinall the session was very relaxing and enjoyable.

I booked for her to come the following week. The next week, she came and told me she would revolve the session around encouraging my mind and body to prepare for the arrival of my daughter. I was eager not to go overdue as I was desperate to meet my baby. Again the session was very relaxing but she did tell me that she could feel all adrenalin going though my feet and all my body. She gave me some homeopathic pills to take on my due date if nothing happened before then. She left me around 9pm. Around 2am I awoke in labour.

Having had a very slow 2 day labour first time around, I wasn't in a rush to go to hospital but at 5am I decided to take the homeopathic pills Rachael had given me. By 7am I was in a taxi to the hospital and at 8.40am my 10lb 4oz baby was born with no pain relief and no intervention at all and I went home the same afternoon. I put all that down to Rachael's work on me both physically and emotionally. I didn't think that the labour and birth was that relevant to the start of your relationship with your baby but having had such a positive experience, I have changed my mind.

Rachael is very good at what she does and I am sure I will be using her again. She has a great insight about what you are feeling and how to approach improving your well-being.

I am really not a spiritual person and never really thought reflexology was anything more than a foot massage but I have had my mind changed."
"I saw you on the Sunday afternoon, by early evening I was having irregular contractions, by about midnight they were coming roughly every 3 minutes. Many thanks again for seeing me last weekend, it certainly seemed to help in getting things going and I'd have no hesitation in recommending you."
"I had never previously tried reflexology and after meeting rachael, she transformed my life. Firstly she helped me with the grieving process and coming to terms with losing my father. She has also made me understand various connections within the body and has dramatically helped me with my Crohns. Before I met Rachael, I had been trying to conceive for almost a year and after seeing Rachael for 3 months, I fell pregnant. I cannot thank Rachael enough!"
"We had our baby girl yesterday. She came naturally and on her due date, so thanks for everything. I will want some aftercare - I'll let you know when."
"I had been trying to conceive for over a year and a good friend suggested I give reflexology a try. I called Rachel and saw her the next week. We had bi monthly appointments which I looked forward to so so much. I left our appointments feeling extremely positive, relaxed and ready to take on the world!

Less than three months after we had started my reflexology, i became pregnant! I am without doubt sure that this was all thanks to Rachel and her fantastic treatments. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is so easy to talk to and I enjoyed every second of every appointment. Thanks Rachel, you really are a superstar x"
"I had my baby last night and had the waterbirth I had wanted. I couldn't have done it without your help and support beforehand. Thank you!"
"Thank you so much for all your help. I'll be sure to give your details to anyone who is pregnant and also I'll be in contact if I need any destressing!"
"Thank you for your post natal c section homeopathic pack. really feel that my recovery has been hugely aided by it and would recommend it to anyone."
"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful treatment this morning! Whilst I still haven't gone into labour, I feel extremely relaxed, and enjoyed my day much more, not worrying about when I will deliver the baby!

It was a great opportunity to connect again with the baby in a positive way, and not resent him for refusing to come out. He will come when he is ready, and I much less impatient now.

I believe your treatment worked! I started having contractions the night after I saw you and delivered our beautiful baby on the following night."
"Going through ivf was one of the toughest things I had done in my life. Rachael helped me prepare myself for it and supported me through the process. I always looked forward to seeing Rachael as it was one of the few things that helped me properly relaxed and gave me the opportunity to completely let go. Rachael's manner and professionalism has been invaluable."
"I first visited Rachael when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second child and realised it was abut time I did something nice for me and my body. The reflexology was so relaxing, and a good chance to unwind.

What I didn't expect was that I was able to completely open up to Rachael about my pregnancy worries, any birthing issues and just general issues that I had about my second child. I didn't realise I was holding a lot of things in, until Rachael had tuned into me and allowed me to explore my deep emotions and worries that I had put to the back of my mind within a safe environment. I left feeling lighter emotionally and wishing I had seen her every week since the beginning of my pregnancy.

I later revisited Rachel when I was 2 days over due, to help with to inducing my labour. The session was once again totally beneficial with her using various oils and also homeopathic treatments to help me go into labour, this all worked very quickly as I went into labour with 48 hours of seeing her. I had a very quick labour and all the fears that I had from my first labour were completely erased due to the sessions that I had with Rachael. I can not recommend her enough for all her work that she does with pregnant women at a very delicate stage of their lives."
"I just wanted to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you yesterday. I felt a lot more relaxed and calm following our session. For which I am extremely greatful. I may treat myself to another session in a few weeks!!

You truly have a gift and I am glad i had the opportunity to be 'treated' by you! I feel more physically and mentally positive about the birth and more able to cope and confident with (my daughter)."
"I found Rachael after a nearly a year trying to conceive without success, and keen to try my hand (or feet!) at fertility reflexology. Within a couple of months of seeing her, she had brought my long, unpredictable cycles (45 days) down to a near perfect 29 days, had taken a lot of the stress and upset out of the situation and had given me a positive new focus and perspective. I am amazed at how much change can be effected across the whole body via the feet.

Immediately after my first session with her, I felt better (emotionally and physically) and slept better. Over the following 8 months I conceived three times, sadly miscarrying the first two but am now 20 weeks pregnant.

Over the course of my sessions with Rachael, she has relieved me of a lot of past emotional baggage I didn't realise I was carrying, has helped me deal with stress, come to terms with loss and prepared me to be a nourishing environment for the much-loved baby who is now growing inside me.

Rachael is supportive and easy to talk to, and always remembers what you have said to her on previous occasions, so you can start each session where you left off. I think of our sessions as part-reflexology and part-therapy, and both elements have been massively effective for me. I am grateful (as is my husband, I think!) for the day I first came across her details and look forward to having her by my side during my third trimester."
"This is a short but sincere note to express my gratitude to you for helping (my daughter) last Sunday and early hours of Monday! You were truly amazing and helped her cope with a very long labour and day. Thanks for your time and support!"
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